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Formed in 2015, Austin rock band Planet Manhood has introduced us to their muddy rock songs by essentially going back in time, releasing their new music on a cassette tape.

Putting their EP Mistake House on a tape is old-fashioned fun, but nothing unheard of these days, particularly as the cassette tape has made a comeback. While the production on the EP definitely isn’t polished and clean, it is a perfect reminder of the 90’s raw-feeling aesthetic.

Opening with a song called “Cruise,” the band kicks off with fuzzy guitar riffs and muffled vocals from front man Sam Houdek, giving the track a rough sound that’s all too rare among modern rock acts. While “Cruise” is short, clocking in at two minutes, it sets up the band and their style well, flowing nicely into Mistake House‘s mid tempo and slower tracks.

Austinites who are into indie rock and punk will certainly enjoy Planet Manhood for what they are – a fun and talented group who aren’t taking themselves too seriously, but aren’t afraid to rock. Take a listen to “Cruise” below.


Featured photo: Planet Manhood


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Photo via Wikimedia Commons.

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