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Boy, the hits just keep on coming, as the Republican National Convention is gradually starting to look more and more like the White House Correspondents Dinner. In an apparent attempt to roast himself/garner support for Trump from Texans, Speaker of the House Paul Ryan made the one mistake that is unforgivable to college sports fans — telling them to cheer for their rival if their team doesn’t advance in a national championship.

This sad attempt at drawing parallels between national politics and college sports clearly fell as flat as a Tom Brady-held football (yes, I just mixed college and pro football analogies, it’s fine), eliciting a round of boos from those Texans he was attempting to pander to, according to CNN. Of course, the Twitterverse had to pipe in, and his comments garnered plenty of replies full of smartassed responses and incredulous reaction gifs.

H/T GigEm 247 for the story and the attempt to reach across the aisle with their closing statement: “Finally, we’ve found something that Longhorn and Aggie fans can agree on.”

Here’s how the team reacted to this embarrassing political fumble…

Lauren Gribble, music editor:


Your humble author, Laurie Lyons, news editor:



Stephen C. Webster, executive editor:


Neysa Joseph-Orr, events editor:



We’d love to see your best original Paul Ryan reaction gifs. Drop the gif link in the comments and we might pick it for a post of all our favorites!


Featured photo by Flickr user Gage Skidmore



Photo via Wikimedia Commons.

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