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Once upon a time, before Pokémon Go took over the hearts and minds of kids and adults alike, there was another game that captured the attention of young gamers. This summer those who fell in love with Minecraft have the opportunity to spend an entire week with it this summer.

From July 18 through 22, gamers of all ages (though most participants are around 6-17 years old) will bring their Minecraft-installed laptops to Cinemark Hill Country Galleria 14 to participate in a five day camp called Summer Splash. The camp is put on by Super League Gaming and will be hosted by YouTube celebrity CaptainSparklez.

At the camp gamers will play Minecraft while developing teamwork skills and those all-important STEM proficiencies. They’ll also have the opportunity to compete against other Minecrafters, as 27 other movie theaters across the country will be participating. Campers will be competing against the other locations on a national leaderboard for first place.

The camp runs from 9am-12pm every day, and tickets are just $100 for the 15 hour camp. Interested participants probably have plenty of questions about requirements, teams, etc, and answers can be found at the Super League FAQ page.

Featured image provided by Super League Gaming



Photo via Wikimedia Commons.

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