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Subkulture Patriots emcee Dostra Nostra, also known as D.O.S., and Seattle producer Pale Soul released their collaborative EP Derringer Arts earlier this month. While each song on the EP sounds cohesive and fresh, it is the opening track “Voodoo” that makes the EP a worthwhile listen, while encouraging their audience to listen further. Intertwining rap, jazz, and a little blues, the duo has released a collection of songs that feels innovative while introducing a new sound to the local scene.  “Voodoo” opens with horns and a steady beat, and D.O.S. begins the song with his clean rhythms, while Pale Soul stays behind the instruments, playing them with a magical touch that pulls you into the song. Not knowing how to categorize this tune, it will please fans wanting to hear a variety of genres while also discovering new talent at the same time.

You can listen to “Voodoo” below.



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D.O.S- Facebook page

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