Pizza in Austin: Five Places to Get a Great Pie

Looking for great pizza in Austin? Look no further than these five places...

Pizza- one of America’s most popular foods, and also one of my personal favorites. Pizza is the kind of food that can be enjoyed by almost everyone, and you can pretty much get it any way you like it. Deep dish or thin crust, cheese or supreme, a whole pizza or just a slice- the possibilities are endless! I LOVE pizza and it turns out, Austinites love pizza, too. Lucky for us, Austin has some of the best pizza places around and because there are just too many good ones to choose from, I’ve picked my personal faves to share with you. Enjoy!

5. Home Slice Pizza

Photo: Flickr Creative Commons.

Located on the always popular South Congress Avenue, Home Slice has been slinging pies for locals and visitors since 2005. Keeping with traditional New York style pizza, their slices are thin crust, and ready to be folded for consumption! Home Slice is the perfect place to grab a giant slice and people-watch down Congress. And the best part? Their pizza is delicious!

4. Mangia Pizza

Photo: Mangia Facebook Page

If thin crust is not your thing, but deep dish is, go to Mangia! Their Chicago stuffed pizza is excellent! The pizza is practically spilling over with cheese and toppings. The sauce is the perfect blend of sweet and spicy. With more than 25 toppings to choose from, you just can’t lose.

3. Austin’s Pizza

Photo: Twitter, Austin's Pizza

If a nice night out sounds good, but it’d be easier to get delivery, Austin’s Pizza is the place to call. They have been serving Austinites since 1999, and they pride themselves on only using pure, whole ingredients. The menu is eclectic with its own “Austin’s Originals” pizzas like the Mopac or the Far West. With 12 locations serving the Austin area, you are sure to find one near you! 

2. East Side Pies

Photo: Flickr Creative Commons.

Yet another thin crust pizza makes my list, but what can I say, I’m partial. For a truly unique pizza, East Side Pies is definitely the place to get it. East Side Pies prides itself on only buying the freshest produce from local farmers. Making plenty of pizzas with the traditional red sauce, East Side Pies has made a name for themselves for the less-than-ordinary specialty pizzas they serve. Pizzas like the Piggy, made with black bean sauce, sweet potatoes, pulled pork, and coleslaw or the Sharon’s Pie, made with spinach curry sauce, broccoli, and red potatoes are what has put East Side Pies on the map! If you are the adventurous type, you’re going to want to try this place!

1. Frank and Angie’s

Photo: Cindy Plata

Authentic New York style pizza from Frank and Angie’s tops my list! Located on West Ave, right behind the famous Hut’s Hamburgers, Frank and Angie’s is my favorite place to have some really good, fresh, delicious pizza pie! The portions are enormous, and the toppings are endless. The place looks and feels like you’re in Little Italy in New York City. It’s a great place for a date, too. They have great lunch specials, and the pizza is oh-so-good! If you haven’t been, do yourself a favor and make your way on down. Take some friends and head to West Sixth for some fun when you’re done. Sounds like the perfect night to me!




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