Lunch with Masumi Soars With Sound

Texas Jazz Featured on Jazz at Noon Series

A live stream broadcast from Austin is giving music fans a great opportunity to see and hear what Texas Jazz is all about. Berklee grad Masumi Jones is producing the monthly Jazz At Noon series and taking it worldwide via Ustream TV.

A recent episode included visiting multi-instrumentalist/composer Alex Coke (Creative Opportunity Orchestra, Worthy Constituents, Willem Breuker Kollektief), prolific post bop pianist composer Rich Harney (Gene Ramey, Carmen Bradford, Countenance, Worthy Constituents),  bassist Evan "Sticky Lopez" Arredondo ( Arnett Cobb, Jimmy Ford, Tony Campise) with Masumi Jones (Austin Jazz Band, Masumi and the Gentlemen, Jitterbug Vipers) on drums.

The idea to produce an internet series came from Jones' appreciation of  Nicklodeon's iCarly.

"I loved iCarly and wanted to do something like that with my friends who play music," says Jones, who lives in Austin's Live Music Capital and tours with Tapestry Dance Companyand The Jitterbug Vipers (whose CD "Phoebe's Dream" is meanwhile gathering acclaim).

"Masumi and The Gentleman grew out of rehearsals we began at Alex Coke's studio before he moved back to Amsterdam. Rich Harney and I still have a regular trio gig at Lambert's in Austin with the project. The Livestream [website] allows us to really stretch out and play in a different way. I love it!" Jones adds.

When touring allows, the Jazz at Noon Series broadcasts the first Monday of the month at 12pm CST, live from and on the Jazz At Noon Ustream channel, where each episode is archived so viewers can watch over lunch or anytime they're hungry for great jazz.

Thanks to Masumi and 3,300 fans in the US, Europe, and Asia the rich history of Texas Jazz is finding an audience all over the world.


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