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Where To Watch THE DAY OF THE DOCTOR In Austin

For Austin sci-fi/fantasy fans, the 50th anniversary episode of Doctor Who is a major event. So major, it's even in theaters! Here's how to see it.

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It will have been 50 years ago this month that the very first episode of the massively popular "Doctor Who" aired on the BBC. In fact, as a cultural touchstone, it has the interesting historical footnote of having debuted the day after the assassination of President Kennedy, Which, of course, begs the question: why didn't The Doctor use his TARDIS (his time machine for you non-fans) to go back in time and stop it?

I know, I know, fixed point in time and all of that. Forget I asked.

Since then - and especially since the relaunch of the show in 2005 - the popularity of the show has only gotten even more extreme, especially here in the United States. While the original series has always been a major part of British culture (compare it to the same effect "Seinfeld" had on American popular culture, with episodes being talked about for weeks after the aired and phrases from the show entering the popular lexicon) How popular is it? How often does a new episode of a show not only get simulcast on television around the world but is also shown in theaters - in 3D no less?

That's what's happening with "The Day of the Doctor", the 75-minute anniversary special starring current Doctor Matt Smith (this episode, by the way, marks his second-to-last appearance as the character as he'll be leaving the series following next month's traditional Christmas Day episode) alongside his predecessor David Tennant (who is also making a popular splash here in the states on BBC's detective drama "Broadchurch") and legendary actor John Hurt. 

Here are the trailers:


So, now the question remains: how do Austin Whovians get to see the best possible showing of the episode? Well, there's good news and bad news.

The bad news is that if you want to see the episode in theaters right as it airs, you're going to have to drive to Dallas/Ft. Worth or Houston to see it. Only fifteen select cities have been selected to screen the episode in cinemas, and Austin ain't one of them. Still, if you're willing to make the drive, here's where you can see it:

Dallas/Ft. Worth - Cinemark West Plano + XD - Plano, TX
Houston - Cinemark Tinseltown 17 - The Woodlands, TX

You can also purchase tickets ahead of time through Fandango, as well.

So, what's the good news? Well, of course, you'll still be able to watch the episode live on November 23rd by tuning into BBC America - which is available on both Time Warner Cable, AT&T U-Verse and both major satellite TV providers. Fans, however, will still get a chance to see the episode on the big screen and in 3D.

On the following Monday, Fathom events will be presenting the episode in theaters all across the country (including here in Austin - we'll have the details for you in a second) - with some extra special treats. There will be specially filmed introductions as well as a 10-minute documentary about the making of the episode. 

Here are the locations and links to where you can purchase tickets:

Cinemark Southpark Meadows - Buy Real 3D Tickets
Metropolitan 14 - Buy 2D Tickets - Buy Real 3D Tickets
Barton Creek 14 with IMAX - Buy Real 3D Tickets

There are multiple showings at each screening, but move quickly as they're selling out fast. You can find more information here.

In the meantime, if you're looking to get psyched up for the episode, show off your Doctor Who knowledge and maybe even with a little bit of cash, our friends at Geeks Who Drink are holding a Doctor Who themed quiz at Opal Divine's (Penn Field) this Saturday at 9pm. The cost is $5 per person (with a limit of six members per team) but if you're good enough, your team could walk out of there with a couple hundred bucks and geek bragging rights.

Opal Divine's (Penn Field)

3601 South Congress Ave



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