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The Impossibles Reunite at FFF as Strong as Ever

The ten years this Austin band has been apart doesn't show at all. But is this just a one time show?

“This is so nostalgic!”

Source: Jon Fortenbury

This got blurted out more than once during The Impossibles’ performance at Fun Fun Fun Fest (FFF) this month, where the band played new and old songs. And with good reason. The Austin-based pop-punk, alternative band, which formed in the early ‘90s, has broken up twice. Their most recent reunion, in 2012, was after a ten-year hiatus. It came accompanied with a seven-inch vinyl record, which is the band’s seventh release of music.

Even after all those years apart, the songs are still easy to play, Impossibles guitarist and vocalist Gabe Hascall told Austin.com in a recent interview.

“It’s surprising how much time can go by and songs feel just as familiar as they always did,” Hascall said. “That’s a big testament to the songs themselves.”

But will the band’s reunion stick this time? According to Hascall, they’re not going to be an active band “in the sense that there’s a lot on the horizon.”

“It’s more that we’re not inactive,” Hascall said. “We’re close enough as friends and musicians but I guess we’re not calling it anything. Beyond shows this weekend (at FFF) and a seven-inch we just did, there are no real plans for anything. That’s not to say there won’t be anything in the future. It’s pretty open ended.”

Regardless of the future, it’s a safe bet that the band will stick in Austin. As the enthusiastic FFF audience and the fans’ campaigns for the band to reunite testify, this city has clearly been good to them.

“We never take for granted that the place we’re from is a really cool city,” Hascall said. “It’s home.”

Source: Jon Fortenbury

The Impossibles are likely to stir nostalgia for listeners of pop-punk or ska in the ‘90s or early 2000’s. To be taken back, check out The Impossibles on Spotify or iTunes or buy the band’s merchandise at TheImpossiblesReturn.com.

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