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Dana Falconberry woos audiences at FFF and beyond

It's not hard to imagine why NPR, Austin Chronicle and audiences all over praise Dana Falconberry's folk indie music.

Some pretty decisive head bopping and a number of woos signified that the audience at the Mohawk in Austin was satisfied. Of course, they were watching Dana Falconberry play her Fun Fun Fun Fest (FFF) night show in early November, full of folksy, experimental indie songs.

Source: Antenna Farm Records

For those familiar with her music, it’s difficult to imagine a different response from an audience.

Praised by the likes of NPR and Austin Chronicle, Falconberry continues to build a reputation in Austin and all over. It’s not unfounded, either. Three albums and two EPs in, Falconberry seems to be flirting with potential mainstream success. It might be just around the corner for this Michigan-bred artist. But that isn’t on her or her six-piece band’s agenda.

“We’re growing creatively and I hope that always continues,” Falconberry told Austin.com in a recent interview. “That’s what I care about. Not trying to play stadiums or anything.”

When you’re as talented as Dana Falconberry, you can thrive anywhere. Yet, when the choice of where that should be arose, choosing Austin was not a difficult decision for her.

“It’s been amazing here,” said Falconberry, who moved to Austin in 2004 to pursue music and is currently signed to Antenna Farm Records. “It’s been I think the best place for me in many ways. I have found many good people in Austin. It’s a really magical city. It’s a music-centered town so I think that music is really valued here.”

Beyond her Fun Fun Fun Fest show, which Falconberry said was an honor to play and an opportunity they couldn’t pass up, she’s working on a new album with her band.

And unless Austin suddenly becomes a bad city (not something she’s anticipating), you can expect to see her around town, contributing excellent music to Austin’s thriving music scene. Prepare to bop your head and woo.

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