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Austin Filmmaker Vies to Have His Vision Included in the ABCs OF DEATH.

An Austin film crew hopes to have their work included in one of the most anticipated indie horror projects of the year.

The following story contains a short made for the upcoming sequel to the horror anthology THE ABCs OF DEATH. It contains no foul language or gore, but some suggestive content. It's still mostly SFW, however.

In 2012, Ant Timpson and Alamo Drafthouse founder Tim League produced a horror anthology that brought together twenty-five directors from all over the world (including Nacho Vigalondo and Ti West). The idea was the create a horror short based on a different letter of the alphabet - thus the title "The ABCs of Death". Of course, with there being twenty-SIX letters in the alphabet, a final director was needed to be chosen - and one was, through a contest in the hopes of searching the world for the next great horror director.

While critical reaction was mixed overall, horror fans across the world loved it and soon the demand was there for a sequel. So, plans for "The ABCs of Death 2" (or whatever they end up calling it) began and twenty-five directors from across the world were brought on board to select a letter of the alphabet and make it terrifying.

Once again, however, one last director is needed and once again, Timpson Films and Drafthouse Films are searching for lucky #26 and they're putting it to a vote. Filmmakers were given the letter "M" and then told to run with it, using any style they like - animation, live-action, puppets, etc. Six entries will be chosen by public vote while the other six will be chosen by an industry panels, including contributors from Fangoria, Badass Digest and Entertainment Weekly.

Those 12 will then go on to be judged by the other 25 directors of the sequel will choose which film will be shown along with theirs in the new film. 

While hopefuls from all over will be vying for that spot, one team is located right here in Austin.

While an Oklahoma native himself, Josh Emmanuel has ties to the city, which is part of the reason he decided to film his short "M is for Mario" here.

(Please see above statement before pressing play)

"I live in Tulsa," Emmanuel said, "but I first came to Austin for BNAT 9 (Butt-Numb-A-Thon - the exclusive 24-hour film marathon started by Harry Knowles of Ain't It Cool News) and then came back regularly for Fantastic Fest. That's where I met my producer, JJ Weber."

Webber convinced Emmanuel to film his idea for the short and helped him put together a crew and cast. 

The filming included a number of Austin residents, including Jason Dubinsky as "M", Andrea Piecuch as "P" , background art by Dannie Knowles and Lee Vanwallene and produced by Weber. 

If you'd like to vote for M is for Mario, head over to this page and click on the Facebook "LIKE" button above the video to cast it. Or you can head over here to check out other entries from all over the world.

Voting ends November 14th and the 12 winners will be announced the following day. 

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