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Austin Beer Week - The SXSW of Beers

If you're a beer lover, you may want to see what vacation time you have. Austin Beer Week is right around the corner.

According to the annual poll by The Daily Beast, Austin is the 5th "Drunkest" City in the U.S., - with the average, drinking-age adult consuming an estimated 15 alcoholic beverages a month. That's right, Austin, you're drunker than New Orleans, Chicago and Washington, D.C.! High five! 

Read that data any way you want to, it stands that Austinites know their booze, and especially their beer. Which is part of the reason that Austin Beer Week is so exciting. From October 25th through November 3rd, beer fanatics in Austin will be able to travel from venue to venue, trying some of the finest craft beers from independent brewers both here in Texas and around the country. 

Austin Beer Week is spread out to venues from all over the city, Rather than purchase a pass, events are are planned individually by the venues and their craft beer sponsors. That means, you can find the events you want at the venues closest to you (using the Day Guide) and pick and choose what you want to attend. 

The Black Sheep Lodge, one of the many Austin Beer Week Venues.

Austin Beer Week is more than just a week long, city wide pub crawl, however. Events of all kinds are scheduled - from musical acts to craft beer workshops to family-friendly events.

For instance, on that Friday, you can head over to Black Star Co-op Pub and Brewery at 11am to watch a free taping of LocaPour while trying different craft beer + food combos (with all sorts of food and drink specials). Then, at 5pm, you can either attend a tour of Adelbrt's Brewery ($10, $13 with souvenir glass), check out the tapping of a rare Cask Ale at Red's Porch or meet the brewing team at Pinthouse Pizza.

 Rules regarding pets and children vary from location to location so be sure to check up ahead of time before you decide to bring Fido to that IPA tasting.

For a daily guide of the events, visit here.


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