Texan Johnny Quinn's Great Escape at Sochi

Olympic bobsledder and Texas native Johnny Quinn found himself in a tight spot in his Olympic hotel. Here's how he got out of it.

There have been numerous stories coming out of Sochi, Russia in regards to the accommodations (or lack thereof) for both the visiting press and athletes. From unfinished hotel lobbies to emergency doors that won't open to toilets assembled incorrectly, it seems like most of the hotels just realized the Olympics were happening a day before the opening ceremonies. 

One particular story involves a Texas native we profiled in out previous story on Lone Star State athletes participating in the games. Johnny Quick is attending his very first Olympics and he already has a story to tell the folks back home even before the medals for his event have been awarded. Here's the video from CNN:


There is no word yet if Quinn will be liable for the damages or if the hotel staff will even notice anything is wrong in the first place. (Update: It looks like Quinn won't be liable after all and the hotel simply replaced the door)


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