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3 Ways to Prepare for South by Southwest Now

There's a lot to get done before SXSW, some of which you'll kick yourself later for not doing now.

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South by Southwest (SXSW) festival is not until March (3/7-3/16), but if you wait until then to get ready for it, you might face issues or miss out on a concert, film screening or lecture.

Here are three ways to prepare for SXSW now, in February.

1.) Get the time off work

It’d be a shame to miss out on one or more SXSW events all because you didn’t request the time off from work beforehand. Calling in sick would look too suspicious during this week, and may be harsh to do, especially if you work in retail near the SXSW festivities downtown.

So drop your boss a request as soon as possible, to ensure you get to go to the festival.

2.) Figure out your sleeping situation

If you don’t live in Austin, you obviously need to know where you’ll be staying while in town, whether with a friend or at a hotel. But even if you do live in Austin, you should answer two questions:

  1. Are you renting out your apartment or house? You can make hundreds of dollars a night if you let someone rent it for the week, whom you found through Craigslist, Airbnb.com or elsewhere.
  2. If you do rent out your place, where are you staying during SXSW? A friend’s? A family member’s?

Should probably figure these things out now.

3.) Decide who and what you’re seeing at SXSW

You could always wing it but you’ll inevitably miss out on something or someone you want to see that way.

So go to the SXSW website and start going through the list of events. Listen to bands, watch film trailers, research speakers and jot down some notes. Who and what must you see? What’s more optional? Remember, plans change in the moment but at least this way you won’t miss out on an essential event.

We’re less than one month away from this glorious, international event. Get to work!


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