Tiny Art Exchange: An Interactive Experience By Josh Ronsen

A quick glimpse into a world of tiny art.

Little fragments of someone’s mind in squares, clay, feathers, flowers, and paint. Some pieces were like miniature riddles, delicate and sturdy. Others with very loud messages or images that enticed your hands to grab, your eyes to focus, and your mind to be transported into someone else’s world. Without sounding too mystical, “The Tiny Art Exchange” was probably one of the most magical exhibits I have ever encountered.

Austin Artist Josh Ronsen has been collecting and trading tiny art with other artists from all over the United States and globally since 2009. I made a comment to Ronsen, told him that the exhibit seemed to be very personal and intimate; he replied, “It speaks for itself. It’s a lot of fun and I really like sharing it with people.”

For a more detailed view of the Tiny Art Exchange and other projects by Ronsen visit


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