Houston band The Tontons can't get enough of Austin, playing several shows a year there.

When the Wall Street Journal premieres one of your music videos, you know you’ve made it. That happened in early November for Houston-based band The Tontons, right before they played Fun Fun Fun Fest (FFF) in Austin.

If you caught their show at FFF or have ever heard this band, it’s not hard to imagine why they’re attracting national attention. Imagine indie rock infused with jazz and funk influences: that’s The Tontons for you. Though not easily comparable, it’s a safe bet that you’ll like them if you like Amy Winehouse or Whitney Myer.

The band has played in Austin many times since they formed in 2007, and has long been amazed with their reception in Houston, Austin and Texas in general. But when you’re on the road as much as they are (they’ve played over 300 shows in the last few years), the concept of home begins to slip.

“Home is just a place you put down your suitcase in between tours,” Tontons singer Asli Omar told in a recent interview.

The Tontons have released one full-length album, a few singles and EPs and have a new album coming out in February of next year, which they recorded at Austin’s Church House Studios. During their month living in Austin for the recording, they unfortunately didn’t get to explore much outside of the studio, but it was still a positive experience for them.

In addition to that upcoming record and more shows, the band has one main goal: play music.

“We love what we do and do what we love,” Omar said. “If people dig it, we’re going to keep doing it.”

And if they keep doing it, perhaps their next song or music video will premier in another national press. It only looks up from here for this four-piece, emerging band.

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