Our Top Three Dog-Friendly Restaurants in Austin

Three restaurants that you and your dog can enjoy together...

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Austin is a city that embraces a diverse group of people, places, things, and ideas. Even though we may not all be the same, there is one thing that many of us share in common, and that is our love of dogs. The city is filled with dog parks and other places to take our four-legged friends for a fun day out. But what about restaurants? Lucky for us, Austin has us covered. There are a number of dog-friendly places that welcome not only us, but our favorite dogs as well. Here are three of my favorites:

3. Freddie’s Place:

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Having just moved to the South part of Austin, I went to this place on a recommendation from a friend. Freddie’s Place, located on South First Street, is the perfect place for you and your dog to relax under the shade of big, beautiful oak trees. The environment is incredibly laid-back, and if you go on the right night, they have live music. Not only is Freddie’s dog-friendly, it is also kid-friendly. They even have a play area for the little ones, so it’s fun for everyone! 

2. Red’s Porch:

Photo: Johanna Cortez.

Located on South Lamar, Red’s Porch is just one of those awesome places you go to for good food, but end up going back more for the atmosphere. The fact that Red’s is dog-friendly is just an added bonus! With three different patio areas to choose from, you and your pooch can enjoy the fresh air, and the breath-taking view of the hills. I highly recommend the patio on the second floor- it’s the best seat in the house!

1. Austin Terrier:

Photo: Johanna Cortez.

Located off of Greystone Dr., Austin Terrier tops my list! Their logo is a picture of a Boston Terrier, and you really can’t get any more dog-friendly than that! Austin Terrier has an awesome patio for your and your “best friend” to hang out and enjoy the day. The food is incredible, too, so you can’t lose!

I hope you find my list helpful, and if you haven’t been to any of these places, I highly recommend you check them out. Your dog will thank you!


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