Nomad: the Gem of Central East Austin?

Nomad is the ultimate neighborhood bar for central-east Austin, for a variety of reasons.

Austin’s been found out. Nobody doubts that at this point. But there are certain spots in the city that are less found out, less packed. An excellent example of this is Nomad Bar.

Located in central-east Austin in the Windsor Park neighborhood, Nomad has everything you should want in a bar: a variety of liquor, wine and beer (though only a few beers on tap), cheap beer nights ($3 pints on Tuesdays), catered food, brunches, karaoke, a juke box, trivia night, tasty bar food, live music, foosball, a variety of seating inside (chairs, couches, bar stools), a relatively large outside patio and much more.

But what really distinguishes Nomad from bars downtown is how laid-back it is. You can always find parking and inside or outside seating. The music, whether over the stereo or live, is rarely conversation-robbing loud. And you don’t usually have to wait for a long time to get your drink. In many ways, it has the vibe of an east Sixth dive bar without the crowd. Just a good and friendly neighborhood bar, where you want to be a regular, especially if you live in central east Austin or near it.

Plus, who can hate a bar that has an artistic world map on the wall (inside and outside)? Or paper towels in the bathroom where the dispenser looks like a printer? Or water bowls outside for your dog? There’s too much to love about this bar.

As Austin expands and grows, more people are bound to fill up Nomad, and there are surely nights where it’s more full than usual. But until then, it’s the perfect size to bring a few friends and have a tipsy evening. Or to sit at the bar and make new friends. There’s no right or wrong way to enjoy this bar.


1212 Corona Drive


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