Five "Weird" Margaritas in Austin and Where to Find Them

Do you love margaritas? Check out these five places to find an interesting take on the classic drink...

Sometimes I get a thirst that only margaritas can quench. Be it frozen or on the rocks, there is nothing tastier than a sweet-with-a-twist-of-tangy margarita. Even though the classic margarita is great as it is, sometimes I like to think outside the box and try a new spin on the old classic. So, what are some of my favorite variations of the margarita and where can you get them? Here is my list of favorites:

5. Cactus Juice at Iron Cactus.

Photo: Iron Cactus Facebook.

With it's beautiful blue-green color, Cactus Juice was the first thing to catch my eye when I walked into the bar. It's hard to miss, and the taste is one I won't forget, either. Made with a top-shelf Silver Tequila, Everclear, Midori Melon Liquer, and DeKuyper Blue Curacao, it is the perfect blend of sweet and sour.

4. Chiango Margarita at El Chile.

Photo: El Chile Instagram. (Chiango Margarita pictured on left)

Yet another beautifully colored margarita, the Chiango Margarita is a deliciously frozen orange margarita sprinkled with El Chile's housemade chili salt to give this drink a dangerously addicting taste. If you like sweet and salty with a touch of heat, you MUST try this drink.

3. Cucumber Margarita at Vivo.

Photo: Flickr Creative Commons.

Served frozen and on the rocks, the Cucumber Margarita at Vivo is the epitome of refreshing! Presented beautifully with a hibiscus flower, and black sea salt garnish, this drink will quench your thirst and have you asking for more!

2. Purple Margarita at Baby A's.

Photo: Baby A's Facebook

This drink is as simple as it sounds, but be careful because it's packed with a punch! Served frozen, this margarita is purple in color and you are limited to two only. If you can meet the limit and walk a straight line afterwards, consider yourself gifted.

1. Avocado Margarita at Curra's.

Photo: Curra's Facebook.

The Avocado Margarita at Curra's tops my list because of all the margaritas I've ever tried; this one has to be the most interesting one I've ever tasted. I don't know what I expected when trying it, but I was pleasantly surprised. Leaving me speechless at first sip, I still don't have the words to describe it. It may not sound that appealing, but I promise, it is worth trying at least once!

Those are our favorites! We're sure you have some of your own! Don't be shy - tell us in the comments below!


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