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CBS Gives THE MENTALIST a New Home In Austin

The hit crime drama tends to shake things up by moving the setting to the Live Music Capitol of the World.

Patrick Jane (Simon Baker) in a recent episode of The Mentalist (photo provided by CBS)

Special thanks to CultureMap Austin for the heads up on this story.

When the producers of a long running TV show want to shake things up, sometimes they'll introduce a new character or switch up the premise of the show. In the case of the CBS crime drama The Mentalist, the change is a new setting - in this instance, the new setting is right here in Austin.

The show features the exploits of a detective with brilliant observational skills that he once passed off as psychic powers. In the course of tracking down the serial killer who murdered his family, he has been working with the FBI. It's this work with the FBI that lead him to Austin.

“We were looking for a city outside California where Patrick Jane could start over. We wanted it to be a city with a distinctive character, a city with some funk to it,” said Tom Szentgyorgy, an executive producer on the show “At the same time, we wanted it to be a city whose architecture and look weren’t too familiar to television audiences — because, frankly, we continue to shoot our exterior scenes here in Southern California.”

Which means that while camera crews will be around around town getting establishing shots, don't expect to see Simon Baker or any of the show's other stars wandering around 6th Street any time soon - though it's not out of the realm of possibility.

“If a story is good enough and demands it, we’ll make the trip," Szentgyorgy said.

The Mentalist airs Sunday nights at 9pm on CBS.


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