Allergies in Austin: is there a cure?

There is a cure for allergies in Austin, according to one allergist. It just might sting.

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Ah winter: cedar season in Austin. Hooray.

For many Austinites, who are allergic to cedar, the months of December through February are the worst: congestion, sneezing, itchy throat. Horrible. As many have wondered: Is there truly a cure?

To answer that question, sat down with Ron Cox, a board certified allergist in the Greater Austin Allergy Asthma and Immunology practice.

According to Cox, there are two ways to escape allergies in Austin: avoidance and allergy shots.

Obviously, if you avoid being outside, where cedar exists, you can minimize or eliminate allergic reactions to it. Assuming you can’t stay inside for two months, it may be time for the allergy shot.

“An allergy shot makes you immune to it,” said Cox, referring to cedar or whatever the seasonal allergen is at the time. “Allergy shots change how the body reacts. Ninety-five percent of people get better on allergy shots. We can take people who are absolutely miserable and by next year they’ll be significantly better.”

Other things, such as over-the-counter medications, can treat the symptoms after allergic reactions occur, but allergy shots cure allergies, Cox said. If you find something else that works, like local honey, Cox recommends going for it, since it can’t hurt. But allergy shots are your best shot (pun intended).

If the allergy blues are making you ponder moving out of Austin and you haven’t gotten an allergy shot yet, Cox recommends you at least give the allergy shot a chance before jumping ship.

“You don’t have to leave our beautiful city,” Cox said. “You can cure allergies.”

For needle haters, an allergy shot may sound miserable, but if other remedies and general healthiness hasn’t worked, it may beat letting those allergies turn into a sinus infection or leaving the live music capital of the world.


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