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7 New Year's Resolution Ideas for the Driven Austinite

Let this list inspire you in choosing your 2014 New Year's resolution!

Bringing in the New Year in Times Square. Flickr Creative Commons.

With 2014 looming and friends and coworkers all asking the same question—“Hey, what’s your New Year’s resolution?”—now is the time to decide how you want to spend the next year of your life.

For those who want to exercise their powers of will and stick-to-itiveness, but find themselves at a loss about what commitment to make, here is a list of seven resolutions that might inspire you to action:

1. Get political.

Living in Texas’ capital city makes this one almost a given. Make 2014 the year that you exercise the political rights your ancestors fought and died for by voting in city and statewide elections, or spend the year learning more about government by touring the Capitol Building and brushing up on your Texas history.

2. Try something new.

Austin Rock Gym is a great place to learn rock climbing. Flickr Creative Commons.

In Austin’s varied culture, there are plenty of new skills to learn and experiences to be had this year. You could learn how to defend yourself in a Krav Maga class at Austin Self Defense or get in touch with your wild side by taking a bird-watching course with Travis Audubon. Dancing, painting, basket weaving, photography, rock climbing—any of these can add spice to your life in 2014. You might even pick up a new hobby!

3. Appreciate the arts.

Ranging from something as simple as exploring the Blanton Museum of Art to something as elaborate as attending at least one live music event per month, spend 2014 broadening your artistic horizons.

4. Get fit.

You could even bike with your dog in tow. Flickr Creative Commons.

For some, the resolution to spend 2014 getting physically fit may entail joining CrossFit Austin or biking the entire 7-mile Ann & Roy Butler Hike & Bike Trail around Lady Bird Lake several times a week. For others, it may entail committing to do something—anything!—every day, like ten push-ups or a short ten-minute walk with the dog. Whatever the case, if you can find it in yourself to stick with your chosen workout regimen, you’ll wrap up 2014 with a sweet sense of success and stronger muscles to boot!

5. Support local businesses.

If your goal for 2014 is to support local entrepreneurs, more power to you! Austin contains a huge number of homegrown businesses ready to be discovered. Check out the Austin Independent Business Alliance’s directory to see where to shop and pick up a Go Local Card online or at a participating business venue to save some green.

6. Face your fears.

Meet iFLY, Austin's indoor skydiving venue. Flickr Creative Commons.

Afraid of water? Learn to swim. Scared of feeling out of control? Ride a roller coaster at Six Flags Fiesta Texas. Terrified of heights? iFLY. Whatever scares you, it’s never too late to conquer it and reclaim control over that area of your life. Just be smart about it!

7. Be weird.

Like a true Austinite.

Whatever resolution you make for 2014, remember that it's not really about whether you can perfectly fulfill your goals to the letter (frankly, that's probably impossible). What it really comes down to is everyday bravery—the courage of choosing to say yes to something good again and again, even when it's tough.

We rooting for you here at Austin.com! Happy New Year!


What's your New Year's resolution? Let us know in the comments!


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