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After announcing that his band Ghostland Observatory would be going on a hiatus last year, musician Aaron Behrens released some new songs with his latest project The Midnight Stroll. “Just Hang On” is one of the introductions to the band’s new music, released in June on a record titled Heartbreak Bugaloo. 

Minimal in sound, but expansive in emotion and feel, “Just Hang On” is a tune that indie fans and local music addicts will dig. Teaming up with local guitarist Jonas Wilson, both musicians do an excellent job at giving the song a heart an soul which resonates with their audience, in addition to a guitar part that adds a layer of eeriness, giving the track a creepy vibe.

You can a listen to “Just Hang On” by clicking the picture above.

Featured photo: The Midnight Stroll


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Photo via Wikimedia Commons.

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